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Iceland, officially the Republic of Iceland, is a Nordic country located in northwest Europe and north of the Atlantic Ocean, consisting of the island of Iceland and several small islands around it. Iceland is located 300 kilometers east of Greenland and 1,000 kilometers from Norway.
capital of iceland

population of iceland is 332,529 people and an area of ​​103,000 sq km, making it the least populated country in Europe. The capital and largest city in the country is Reykjavík. Reykjavík and its surroundings are home to two-thirds of the population.

icelandic women

Circulating posts on social media Facebook an information that made a scene in cyberspace, the post contains a tempting offer from the Icelandic government to pay 5,000 dollars every month to non-Icelandic men who marry women in Iceland.

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In fact, as reported by a number of local media in Iceland, one of which is The Reykjavik Grapevine magazine, the information is not true, aka a hoax. The Icelandic government has never made a program to provide subsidies to non-Icelandic men who marry local women there, currently the number of men in Iceland is greater than the number of women.

icelandic women

iceland language

Iceland’s official language is Icelandic, the Nordic language. Icelandic is an ancient language that has changed little over time. It also doesn’t use loan words. Instead, new words are created from related words that already exist. As an example; the word for ‘computer’ comes from the words ‘prophet’ and ‘number’.

Icelandic may only be useful in Iceland, but it opens the door to a rich history and culture. If Icelandic is proving difficult for you, don’t worry. Most Icelanders are fluent in English and have no trouble using their second language to talk to you.

iceland weather

Icelandic winters can be harsh. Make sure you have a strong, warm coat and a good pair of snow boots. Outside of Reykjavik, the snow isn’t always clear, so make sure you plan your route ahead of time.

During summer, buses and buses connect the island. But once the tourists leave, so does a lot of transportation. Buses run in winter, but it’s best to drive if you’re heading somewhere.

Iceland also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Walking at night in Reykjavik carries much less risk than in many other capital cities. As for terrorism, the risk is very low in Iceland. It has no recent attack history or plot.

Iceland boasts some of the most unique landscapes in the world. Whether it’s dramatic black rock in summer or snow-covered in winter, this is a great place to study abroad.

iceland volcano

iceland montain

There are 130 active and dead volcanoes, and 18 of them have erupted since the establishment of the first settlements in Iceland around 900 AD.

Namealtitude (m)height (ft)coordinatelast eruptionVEINotes
Askja15164974Iceland - iceland, traveling65.03°N 16.75°W19615
Bárðarbunga20056515Iceland - iceland, traveling64.64°N 17.56°W2015
Brennisteinsfjöll6262054Iceland - iceland, traveling63.92°N 21.83°W1341 (± 1 tahun)2
Eldfell279915Iceland - iceland, traveling63.43°N 20.25°W19733Pulau Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar
EldgjáSekitar tahun 800ca 2625Iceland - iceland, traveling64.24°N 18.37°W9346Gunung berapi ini merupakan lubang gunung berapi Katla
Esjufjöll17605774Iceland - iceland, traveling64.27°N 16.65°W1927
Eyjafjallajökull16665466Iceland - iceland, traveling63.63°N 19.62°W20104
Fremrinámur9393081Iceland - iceland, traveling65.43°N 16.65°W800 SM (± 300 tahun)
Grensdalur4971631Iceland - iceland, traveling64.02°N 21.17°WmatiAktif selama Pleistosen
Grímsnes214702Iceland - iceland, traveling64.03°N 20.87°W~3500 SM3
Grímsvötn17255659Iceland - iceland, traveling64.42°N 17.33°W20114
Hekla14914892Iceland - iceland, traveling63.98°N 19.70°W20003
Hengill8032634Iceland - iceland, traveling64.18°N 21.33°W90 AD (± 100 tahun)2
Herðubreið16825518Iceland - iceland, traveling65.18°N 16.34°WMatiAktif selama Pleistosen
Hofsjökull17825846Iceland - iceland, traveling64.85°N 19.53°WMatiAktif slama Holosen
Hrómundartindur5401772Iceland - iceland, traveling64.07°N 21.20°W10.000 SM
Hverfjall4201378Iceland - iceland, traveling65.36°N 16.53°W~500 SMBagian dari sistem patahan Krafla
Hveravellir13604462Iceland - iceland, traveling64.75°N 19.98°W950 M ± 50 tahun6Gunung berapi utama di Langjökull timur
Jólnir70*230*Iceland - iceland, traveling63.30°N 20.63°W1966Lubang Surtsey ini sudah tenggelam ke dasar laut
Katla15124961Iceland - iceland, traveling63.63°N 19.05°W1918
Kerlingarfjöll14884882Iceland - iceland, traveling64.63°N 19.32°WMatiAktif selama Holosen
Bubungan Kolbeinsey516Iceland - iceland, traveling66.67°N 18.50°W1755 [1]
Kollóttadyngja11773825Iceland - iceland, traveling65.22°N 16.55°WTidak diketahui
Krafla6502133Iceland - iceland, traveling65.73°N 16.78°W19844
Krýsuvík3791243Iceland - iceland, traveling63.93°N 22.10°WKemungkinan tahun ~13402
Krakatindur300984Iceland - iceland, traveling63.55°N 19.30°WTidak diketahui
Kverkfjöll19206299Iceland - iceland, traveling64.65°N 16.72°W19681
Laki17255606Iceland - iceland, traveling64.06°N 18.22°W1783-846Bagian dari sistem patahan Grímsvötn
Loki-Fögrufjöll15705151Iceland - iceland, traveling64.48°N 17.80°W1910
Ljósufjöll9883241Iceland - iceland, traveling64.87°N 22.23°W960 M (± 10 years)3
Lýsuhóll540+1772+Iceland - iceland, traveling64.87°N 23.25°WMatiAktif selama Holosen
Öræfajökull21196952Iceland - iceland, traveling64.00°N 16.65°W17275
Prestahnúkur13864504Iceland - iceland, traveling64.60°N 20.60°W7550 SM (± 500 tahun)Gunung api utama di Langjökull barat
Reykjanes230755Iceland - iceland, traveling63.88°N 22.50°W1879
Reykjaneshryggur-80-262Iceland - iceland, traveling63.67°N 23.33°W1970(?)
Snæfellsjökull14484751Iceland - iceland, traveling64.80°N 23.78°W200 M (± 150 tahun)2
Surtsey174571Iceland - iceland, traveling63.30°N 20.62°W1963Di kepulauan Vestmannaeyjar
Theistareykjarbunga5641850Iceland - iceland, traveling65.88°N 16.83°W750 SM (± 100 tahun)
ThordarhyrnaIceland - iceland, traveling64.12°N 17.0°W19104
Þórólfsfell5741883Iceland - iceland, traveling63.72°N 19.67°Wunknown
Thrihnukagigur5501804Iceland - iceland, traveling63.99°N 21.7°W2 SM
Tindfjallajökull14634800Iceland - iceland, traveling63.78°N 19.57°WMatiAktif selama Holosen
Torfajökull12594131Iceland - iceland, traveling63.92°N 19.17°W14773
Tungnafellsjökull15355036Iceland - iceland, traveling64.73°N 17.92°WMatiAktif selama Holosen
Vatnafjöll12354052Iceland - iceland, traveling63.92°N 19.67°W750 M (± 1000 tahun)

iceland population

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