Banana Pastries near me – bake it


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banana pastries near me

this time I made a pastry skin without corrugation and without oil dough.
What do you use?
only use butter for lamination
Go directly to the ingredient you need

ingredient A
250 grams of high protein flour
80 grams of butter
50 grams of powdered sugar
80 ml ice water

ingredient B
100 grams of butter
Stuffing Ingredients
6 bananas ripe tree
200 grams of chocolate jam

1 egg yolk
20 grams of grated cheese

  1. Combine all ingredients A in a mixing bowl until well blended. Cover the container with plastic rest for 20 minutes in the refrigerator
  2. Put ingredient B into a 15×15 size paste then flatten it using a rolling pin
  3. Rest 20 minutes in the refrigerator
  4. After 20 minutes, flatten ingredient A using a rolling pin, add material B, fold it like an envelope.
  5. Flatten again then fold (repeat this process up to 3x)
  6. Rest 15 minutes in the refrigerator
  7. Those who are patient, mother, the process is indeed quite long!!!
  8. Remove the pastry shell from the refrigerator. Cut into 3 parts (the result of this recipe is 3 servings)
  9. Take one part of the pastry skin then flatten it using a rolling pin. (If it’s a little sticky, you can add flour) fill with banana and chocolate then fold it (repeat until finished)
  10. Put it in a baking dish, grease it with egg yolk, then slice it using a razor blade, and then sprinkle with grated cheese.
  11. Bake using medium heat tends to be high, store on the top rack for 40-45 minutes (this is for tangkring ovens) 180°C 45 minutes top and bottom fire for electric ovens
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