siomay snack recipe


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Good morning everyone

Happy fasting for friends who run it.
I hope you are always healthy

This snack can be an option for breaking the fast, after cooking, store it in the refrigerator, if you want to serve it, just steam it.
The ingredients for the filling are one dough, you only need to use it for stuffing dumplings, tofu, and cabbage rolls.

Can be equipped with boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, and peanut sauce & chili sauce.

Stuffing dough recipe:
Material A
250 gr ground chicken
100 gr minced beef
6 prawns, peeled and pureed
2 tbsp grated chayote
1 tbsp tapioca
1/4 pc carrot cut into small pieces
1 lb scallion
2 celery

5 fried garlic
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt

Method :
Saute the ground spices, then
Mix into ingredients A.
The stuffing dough is ready

Just fill in:

  1. Half-cooked fried tofu.
  2. Skin dumplings and sprinkled with carrot slices.
  3. Short-boiled cabbage, stuffed, rolled up, wrapped in aluminum foil.

Steam for 25 minutes.

For the cabbage rolls, wait a bit to cool..then cut into pieces…

Serve with peanut sauce and chili sauce
Good luck…

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