singapore open to tourists – after pandemic from traveller


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Hello, friends, I am sharing about my trip to Singapore on April 29th. solo travel singapore no worries.
According to the provisions of Dr. ICA Singapore as of April 26, 2022, if you have a full vaccine, there is no need to do a PCR test or ART. singapore open to tourists -hurray

Just register for SG arrival online 3 days before departure, so if you go on the 29th, you can only submit it on April 27th. Later we will get proof of submission via email and get the PDF when finished submitting it on the cellphone. If you have submitted the traveler data automatically, it has been entered in their system. So no need to print, friends.

Don’t forget to prepare a standard WHO vaccine certificate which we can download in the Cares Protect application and also complete it with the appropriate name and passport number. I also printed a hardcopy of this WHO certificate, so that when you check in at the airport, you don’t have to open your cellphone again.

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singapore open to tourists how about singapore quarantine

singapore open to tourists - after pandemic from traveller - singapore, travel singapore

singapore open to tourists – how about Travel Insurance

Insurance is no longer required, but because the premiums are relatively cheap, I still buy travel insurance, so that if it is detected positive there, at least doctors, drugs and hotels for isoman are covered
I use Scoot air, oh yes, the advantages of Scoot, 10kg cabin baggage, that’s pretty good right. However, the legroom is a bit narrow. ️
Oh, because I went with a group of 7 people, I bought an additional 35 kg of luggage for IDR 746k, I could share it, so it was more economical.
At Soeta Airport, when you check in, just show your etiquette, passport, and WHO certificate. Cuss fly..

solo travel singapore

solo travel singapore

Arriving in Singapore, before going down the escalator to immigration, it’s better to go to the toilet and fill up a drinking bottle so you don’t have to buy water anymore, right! oh yeah, don’t forget to buy an MRT card at the available counter, 10SGD huh.

or the sim card, I bought it from Indonesia, it’s available at topd or shope, it’s a data sim card, so there’s no number, it’s pretty cheap, approx 5 dollar you can do it for 5 days, the signal is fast, the quota is 1GB per day, because sometimes when you buy it at Changi, it’s the same only 50SGD is available with a huge quota, but it’s a shame if it’s only a short term holiday.

Changi Immigration, no hassle (Compared to before the pandemic, sometimes I used to be asked what are you going to do in Singapore, even though I’ve also had a random check at their office for 2 hours ) now I just need to check my passport and verify biometrics. Then our passports are stamped n U can go.
While in Singapore the trace together application is no longer used at all, we are free to enter anywhere without tapping.

In the outdoor, it is free to wear a mask or not, but most of them still wear it (this is better if it is indoors such as MRT, buses and closed rooms (except eating), you must wear a mask.

In Singapore, during my holiday period yesterday, it was still comfortable, not too crowded, it was crowded at certain locations such as Resort World, certain shopping malls, MBS, at Clarke Quay, Bugis market, surprisingly it was quiet on USS, check in at 12 noon at 5 pm we have finished all the games and even we have repeated the ride 2 times. ️

When we return to Indonesia, we are obliged, friends, for the PCR predeparture flight 2×24 hours, I booked and registered online at travel swab at the peoples parks center, but because of the public holiday, it costs SGD 95. Normally it is SGD85 and the results are within 1×24 hours, it is recommended that you can ask via WA +6589094193 the staff is professional and friendly, I tested on the 2nd, at 8.00 am, in the afternoon at 18.00 the results have been emailed. Praise God we all 7 negative.

When you return at Changi airport, the softcopy of our predeparture PCR test will be checked by the officer.

I went home with a jetstar, cabin luggage allowed 7kg, I bought an additional. The legroom is a bit wider than the Scoot.

So friends, hopefully it’s useful Happy traveling

tourism in singapore

singapore open to tourists – lets discuss about hot spot in singapore. singapore tourism is never ending asia

Merlion Park

merlion park

The first tourist attractions in Singapore, we start with the icon of Singapore, which is called Merlion Park, or Singapore Merlion Park, as well as the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore.

A statue with the head of a lion, and the body of a fish, and its mouth spits out water. Merlion is a combination of 2 words, namely Mermaid which means mermaid, and Lion which means lion.

The Merlion statue is 8.6 meters high and weighs 70 tons. The Merlion statue was designed by Mr. Fraser Brunner, and involved a sculptor from Singapore named Lim Nang Seng. The Marlion was made from November 1971 to August 1972.

Please note that the initial location of Singapore’s first Marlion Park was not the location you are currently viewing. The location of the first Marlion Park is located near the mouth of the Singapore River.

Precisely on April 25, 2002, Marlion Park, along with the Marlion statue was moved to the dock area so that it could be seen clearly, and has a wider area than before.

Marlin Park is included in the category of free Singapore tourist attractions, as well as romantic and instagramable Singapore tourist attractions. Especially when night falls, combined with the city lights.

Merlion Park admission: Free.
The location and address of Marlion Park is at One Fullerton, Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

marina bay

The next most famous tourist attraction in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. A place that presents a variety of entertainment themes, and tours with an international standard.

Marina Bay Sands is the best spot to enjoy views of the city, as well as the Singapore skyline. Marina Bay Sands is very famous for having a swimming pool on the roof and is the largest in the world, which is shaped like a ship.

In addition, there are several other attractions of international class Marina Bay Sands including:

  • Marina Bay View,
  • Thousands of hotel rooms,
  • Extensive exhibition space,
  • Museum,
  • Celebrity chef restaurant, and
  • Casino.

To enter Marina Bay Sands, tourists do have to prepare a thick wallet. Because the place is a very elite, glamorous, and world-class place.

Purchase of entertainment tickets, as well as reservations for hotels at Marina Bay Sands can be ordered online. The location and address of Marina Bay Sands Singapore is at 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore, 018956.

Universal Studios Singapore

universal studios singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a tourist spot in Singapore that is recommended as a modern family tourist destination, and has the status as the only Universal Studio in Southeast Asia.

Universal Studio Singapore has 24 rides, as well as 7 zones that offer different tourist themes. There are also various performances that will add to the excitement of the visitors’ tour.

  • Universal Studio Singapore’s location is Resorts World Sentosa
  • Universal Studio Singapore’s address is 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.
  • Universal Studio Singapore entrance ticket prices can be ordered online, through the official website.

Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer

The Singapore Flyer is one of the highest Ferris wheel rides in the world, as well as a spot to enjoy views of 3 countries at once. Among them:

  • Indonesia, namely Batam,
  • Malaysia,
  • And Singapore.

The Singapore Flyer was first opened to the public on March 1, 2008. The Singapore Flyer has a height of about 165 meters, beating the tallest Ferris wheel in China and England.

The location of the Singapore Flyer Singapore is at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore.
The Singapore Flyer Singapore address is at 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore.

Singapore River

Singapore River is a natural tourist spot in Singapore that has a high historical value. Because the Singapore river is the forerunner of the country’s civilization.

While on the Singapore River, visitors can take boats that are commonly available in the area. Then travel down the river, which combines with the view of the magnificent architecture of the city.

Singapore River's location and address is : Alexandra Canal, Singapura.
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