Singapore Backpacker by Siti Farah Mutia


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I want to tell you a little about my first backpacking experience to SG, going back and forth on a jetstar, leaving on the 1st and arriving at night, staying at the Madras hotel until 4 in the morning, I have returned to Indonesia.


I went on a jetstar, one of singapore airlane in indonesia. the experience continued to be delayed, leaving was delayed, I should have left at 15:10, I just left at 4, I came back at 7:50, I should have left, left at 8 past.


At the beginning, I was really excited about the effect of hearing stories from friends, if you went to SG, the immigration was rather complicated. As a result, I printed all the documents just in case, thank God, it turned out that it wasn’t that complicated, I just asked for the arrival card, after that it passed.

Singapore & its citizens

the city is very nice, clean but the heat is not too hot, you have to have sunscreen + hat ready, take the cheap mrt anywhere, the people are friendly + it’s nice that many know the Malay language too, the people are friendly if we ask the road, the answer will be clear + while showing on the maps where to go .

Prayer room

It’s hard to find a prayer room, once you find it, it’s better to pray directly at the congregation because it’s hard to find the prayer room.

Food and drink

eating at the mall is a bit complicated, because a lot of it is not halal (we eat at the mall with four fingers then). But most of the time, we buy food from dicheers, for breakfast we buy 7 eleven which happens to be very close to the hotel, there is also a vending machine that sells halal food on the way to the hotel.

When we want to go there, we will provide drinking bottles, because 1 bottle of drinks is expensive (like aqua at 7 eleven 2$) it turns out that there are even cheaper ones for 1$ per bottle, buy them at a store / roadside shop there, only 1 $ for 1 bottle, the 1 liter does not reach 3 $an..

There is a grocery store whose sales are really good, the shop is under Lucky Plaza (the shop is near the exit from the underground road from Orchard Central to Lucky Plaza that sells it in Malay language, drinks there are cheap, I really recommend buying it there + there is a money changer on the side of the shop..


Buy chocolate at a value of $ + buy souvenirs like souvenirs in China Town.. I didn’t have time to go to Bugis Street because I was being chased when the effect was mostly the wrong way, so it’s time to just find a way


We bought an internet roaming package from Indonesia, I used a 3 card (3 days only 120 thousand) thank God the signal was really good there..


Buy it on travel 104000, exchange it at the airport when you arrive there to exchange ezlink.

Here’s a little bit of my experience going to SG yesterday thank you for those of you who yesterday at the stall I asked to look for info to SG

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