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Some time ago I read a post here, about how to store leeks and celery so that they stay fresh even though they are stored for a long time.
Thank you, bun, the tips and tricks are very useful.

Because I always have to have scallions and celery in stock.
Usually, before you know these tips and tricks, buying celery leeks always ends up rotting in the fridge because it doesn’t last long, even though it’s been cleaned, given paper/newspaper or tissue, it’s still not fresh anymore.

Well, when I read the tips and tricks for storing celery leeks, I practiced and now I can store them for a long time and keep them fresh.

The method :

  1. Wash the celery onions.
  2. Cut as needed, separate in a container.
  3. Close tightly and store in the freezer.
    (can be shaken first after half frozen, so that it is easy to take it)

If you want to take it, just use a spoon or spatula, take enough and save it again.

Even the celery leaves are still fresh when we use them in cooking..

Good luck, if you have another way, it’s okay.
It could be stored in a small single-use box or in a small plastic bag, but I still took the method of using one box, and immediately put it back in the freezer after taking it.
(save space and save time)

We do it according to our respective ways that we think are suitable, the important thing is that the celery leeks stay fresh and durable..

Greetings healthy, happy fasting and always grateful

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