(perkedel) potato cake or smased potato tips by celebrity


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Good evening friends. Tonight I want to show off my misguided way of making potato cakes all this time. I also share some loose tips for beginners, hopefully it helps.

Potatoes to make cakes (perkedel) or smashed potato, want to be processed however try to choose a good potato, the color is usually bright yellow. Check the seeds, bebet and weight. Yellow potatoes contain less water than pale ones, so they are more suitable for making cakes. I do not know the names of the types of potatoes in each region. Understandably, when asked about the potatoes, they didn’t have any National Identity Cards and birth certificates. Okay, let’s start with a small talk about cakes and their ins and outs. Because it’s long, please take a snack.


Steamed or boiled potatoes.

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  • Easier to explode when fried if there is still water in it.
  • Sometimes you need a binder (not a wedding ring), such as eggs and others, to make the dough doesn’t fall apart or pop like the green balloon.
  • The color is more beautiful yellow because by steaming or boiling, the potatoes do not experience browning and the like like being fried.
  • It is easier to stale and moldy when stored in the chiller for several days. Because of the water content.

Fried potatoes.

  • Easy to shape, not sticky in the hand.
  • No binder needed.
  • More durable stored unlike nastar on the holidays.
  • Better in taste.
  • It’s darker on the inside, because when the potatoes are fried, they sometimes turn slightly brown in color.



  • It is recommended that the potatoes be fried, not steamed or boiled.
  • Have to wait for the potatoes to cool a bit, as cold as a celebrity couple before a divorce.
  • The texture is softer and somewhat elastic.
  • The softness lasts much longer.
  • When still hot, the cakes are so soft they are easy to dent and deform. When it gets cold it starts to harden and solid but the inside is super soft (like the wife’s face on an old date when the heart is still in love).


  • Pounded deliciously when hot and while still in love.
  • Faster to harden and solidify when cold if without mixed ingredients. Unless it’s cement or wolf glue.
  • The shape is firmer when freshly fried.



  • Thawing (return the dough to room temperature) must be careful. Especially if the potatoes are steamed or boiled, especially if the potatoes are not cooked enough. Complete. If there is still cold on the inside, causing a runny, runny texture inside. Easily stale. Potential to erupt if there is ice in it or any change in texture.
  • Must return to room temperature perfectly.
  • It took a long time to process it. Like singles looking for a partner.


  • The dough doesn’t take long to fry. Frying cold is still safe, because the cold from the chiller is easily lost in hot oil, like money in your wallet when you just get paid. But the best results try not to fry food in cold conditions that have the potential to lower the temperature of the oil. Frying for a long time has the potential to absorb oil and the aroma of the oil.
  • If formed into rolls, easy to cut or mutilate.

Storage resistance of the cake dough depends on the maturity of the ingredients, storage and the type of mixed ingredients. If all the ingredients are cooked, untouched by wet or dirty hands, tightly wrapped, they will last longer. For dough with fried potatoes and all other cooked ingredients, it can last 4 days in the chiller.

There are many kinds of cake mixes, back to taste,
Corned beef, beef, chicken.
Vegetables such as celery, carrots.
Fried garlic or red, one or both. It’s not a sin to use anything.
Nutmeg, salt, sugar and pepper for me is a must have.

When frying, the oil should be hot and medium heat. It doesn’t take long to fry the cakes because the majority of the ingredients are already cooked.

Pastry coating can use egg whites or egg yolks. Use chicken eggs, not elephant eggs. Sometimes the use of eggs can make the cooking oil foamy. It all depends on fate.


  • Use cooking oil or vegetable oil to fry the cakes. Do not use perfume or telon oil, especially wasp oil.
  • The ideal shape of the cake is round. Do not make cakes with the form of home furnishings such as tables, chairs and cupboards. It’s hard, makes you emotional and makes you old.
  • Try to eat potato cakes immediately while they are still tempting, don’t just stare at them for a week, let alone frame them.

So show off this time. I’m tired of typing it. Hope it’s useful. I closed the show this time by singing the song Del Tak Kodel Kodel. See you at the next show. May we all be healthy and happy.

*In the photo I use the method of frying and chopping potatoes. I’m an anti-complicated line.

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