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As promised, because there are still many who ask this question, I will re-post it hopefully it will be useful.

Because so many people have asked and repeatedly asked about Shiny Crust, how did this beautiful thin layer appear.
So #PyeBro is going to give you a few tips, but of course, No recipe. Recipes have been widely distributed. ️

What is Shiny Crust? A beautiful paper-thin layer that appears on the surface of the brownies. It appears as a result of the sugar bubbles being startled by the heat of the oven.

Tips that usually does so that Shiny wants to come out

  1. Make sure the oven is really hot, above 200°C before entering the pan. Then lower it to 175°C after entering. Stable at that temperature, do not lower it.
  2. Make sure the kneading utensil, bowl, whisk, anything that comes into direct contact with the brownie batter must be dry and clean. No wet, no moist, no greasy.
  3. Immediately enter the brownies after pouring into the pan.
    The dough that is waiting too long makes the prospective brownies a bit dry, then becomes very thick. Even if some say it doesn’t matter.
  4. Make sure the mixing of chocolate, margarine/butter is done homogeneously. Stir until it’s like lunkhead by stirring back (you can see on google how to stir back technique)
  5. Do not open the oven lid often. Even though the bro is really famous, Shiny will be embarrassed to come out.
  6. Finally, practice, don’t just look at the recipe and the photo .. hehe..
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