raw food good for diet


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I’m going to share a recipe that’s really simple, but it tastes terrible, it makes the diet threatened anyway
The name of the menu is raw food TRANCAM (en=threatened), it’s funny, right?
Our lunch menu today, it’s perfect for hot weather like today, fresh and delicious
Only cucumber slices mixed with coconut sauce, if in your area there is no menu like this, if there is the same name TRANCAM

ingredient :
4 pieces of fresh cucumber
5 tbsp Grated Coconut

Spice :
3 large red chilies
3 pieces of green chili
1 tsp cooked shrimp paste
1 tsp Salt

How to make a raw food trancam

  1. ~ Slice the cucumber not too thin, put it in a container set aside.
  2. ~ Puree all the spices and mix evenly with grated coconut.
  3. ~ Mix the coconut sauce with the sliced ​​cucumber, stir evenly.
  4. ~ Check the taste and ready to serve.

~ For the level of spiciness can be adjusted to the taste of each – each.

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