how to get a free hotel room – from etihad


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how to get a free hotel room – this is “Experience of Getting Free Hotel Transit from Etihad”

Hello everyone, how are you?
I’m sharing a long version of the experience of getting a free hotel from Etihad, yes while answering some frequently asked questions

As far as I know, several times to Abu Dhabi, if we have flights anywhere and transit in Abu Dhabi for more than 10 hours, we can get free hotel transit.

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How to claim it?

  1. Go to this link,…
  2. Choose a stopover if the transit duration is long or transit connect if it’s only 11 transit times. Then enter the airline booking code and our name, then choose the hotel that suits you. Complete the data requested by Etihad before the payment process.
  3. There is a minimum ticket price, can’t you get a free hotel for transit? If I read the description, as far as I know, the transaction is above 700 USD, but based on experience, my ticket price is only 300 USD round-trip and I still get it. So just try
  4. In the payment section we will automatically get a promo code. We only need to enter a Debit/CC card for ZERO payment So don’t be afraid to cut your money. ZERO pay for it.

Thank God I got 2 Nights Free 4 Star Hotel at Ramada by Wyndham in Downtown Abu Dhabi. Deliberately choosing Downtown because it is close to a friend’s apartment. I stayed 4 days 4 nights in the UAE, 2 days after from my hotel to Dubai.

If our transit is 4 days like me, we can choose which day we want to stay at the hotel, the most important thing is a maximum of 2 nights. I deliberately chose the first 2 nights since arriving in Abu Dhabi so that I can relax after a long flight from Indonesia.

There are approximately 9 hotel options that we can choose from, ranging from 3 star to 4 star hotels. There are also ones near the airport, in the airport and even downtown. So just choose according to our taste.

We can also increase the number of guests staying. I entered 2 friends into the data staying at the hotel

What about visas?

  1. All UAE Visa provisions can be seen at the following link:
  2. We can apply for a Transit Visa directly through the Etihad website, even if you buy it via OTA.
    If transit 48 hours free. If you are in transit for 96 hours, you pay 50 AED, if you want to use the Short Visit, the maximum stay is 30 days, you pay 350 AED. Just adjust it to our Visa needs.

Can we go to Dubai or to other cities if we already have a UAE visa?
Can go to all cities in the Emirates not only Abu Dhabi as long as there is enough time.

How come you have a long transit?

I also get this question a lot. How to get long transit? Well this depends on persistence
My flight was initially only 11 hours in transit, then I sent a request to CS Traveloka via the Traveloka Inbox App, asking to postpone the connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul. CS is very quick to respond, not long-winded. I was given the option of choosing the date and time of the connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul. So I chose to postpone it to 4 days. I just paid the difference in the cost of 654,500. Alhamdulillah

Why is the transit so long? emm, my uncle be the ambassador in the UAE, so you want to get in touch and take a walk *arrogant *kicked

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