healthy snack recipes talam from indonesia


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Ingredient A
250 gr rice flour
50 gr tapioca flour / sago
Adequate flavoring
pinch of salt
200 ml thick coconut milk

Ingredient B
400 ml liquid coconut milk

According to taste you can, fried onions, chives, shredded,
roasted ebi

How to make healthy snack talam

  1. Mix all ingredients A,
  2. Boil Ingredients B (liquid coconut milk) until it boils, then mix it with ingredient A, pour into the mold, steam until cooked, remove from the mold, then add toppings.
  3. Serve

What are talam made of?

Tray cakes are usually made of sweet potatoes or yams. This time, you can use red sweet potato to make a talam cake. Talam cake is considered a practical cake, because once made it can be used for large portions

How does the talam cake taste?

Talam cake has a sweet and savory taste. The savory taste of talam cake comes from coconut milk which is one of the main ingredients. In the month of fasting, talam cake is one of the menus for breaking the fast. This traditional cake is included in the category of wet cake, so it will not last long when served.

Where did the talam cake come from?

This Betawi specialty cake has several types

Why the name Cake Talam?

In ancient times, this cake did not have as many variants as it does today. It is called ‘Kue Talam’ because this cake batter is molded on a round pan or ‘Talam’. There are also those who call ‘Talam’ which means tray or tray.

healthy snack recipes talam from indonesia - greaTRecipeS

This Betawi specialty cake has several. Types this cake batter is molded on a round pan or 'Talam'. healthy snack recipes talam

Recipe Ingredients:

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