spicy sweet shredded tuna recipe


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It was grilled fish that had not finished for days.
Yes, we have reworked it so it doesn’t go to waste.

spicy sweet shredded tuna ingredients

  • 500 g of grilled fish meat that has been separated from the meat and bones, Fry until yellow, Suir – Suir adjusted.
  • 3 tbsp ground chili
  • 1 tsp fine salt / adjusted
  • 1/9 tsp seasoning (you can skip it)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp tomato sauce
  • 50 ml of clean water / adjusted

Ground spices
4 cloves Burmese onions
2 cloves of garlic

Steps to make spicy sweet shredded tuna

  1. Fry the ground spices and chilies until
  2. cooked, add salt, sugar and seasoning.
  3. stir well
  4. Add water and tomato sauce.
  5. Stir until thick
  6. Add the fish and stir again until completely combined.
  7. Serve with other dishes.

    Is tuna a meat?

    Fish is the flesh of an animal used for food, and by that definition, it’s meat.

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    What kind of fish is tuna?

    A tuna is a saltwater fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a subgrouping of the Scombridae (mackerel) family.

    Is tuna raw fish?

    Canned tuna is cooked during processing, while fresh tuna is often served rare or raw. Raw tuna is a common ingredient in sushi and sashimi, which are Japanese dishes made from a combination of rice, raw fish, vegetables, and seaweed.

    Which tuna is healthy?

    It’s recommended that people limit yellowfin, albacore, and ahi tuna due to their high mercury content. Instead of white, which is albacore, choose “chunk light” when buying canned tuna. Light tuna is almost always the lower-mercury species called skipjack.

    Is tuna fish good for health?

    The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in tuna fish may help to reduce the level of omega-6 fatty acids and LDL cholesterol that can accumulate inside the arteries of the heart. Studies have shown that eating more omega-3 is associated with reduced rates of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks.

    Can you eat tuna raw?

    Cooking tuna is the best way to get rid of parasites and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. However, it is still safe to eat raw tuna. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends freezing raw tuna in one of the following ways to remove parasites: Freeze at -20 °C or lower for 7 days Frozen at -35°C or below.

    What does tuna taste like?

    Tuna typically has a delicate flavor that isn’t too harsh or overpowering and the taste may vary depending on how the meat is prepared. Tuna tastes quite like salmon with both having a buttery texture, while raw sushi tuna has a mild, buttery flavor with no fishy smell.

    Can I eat canned tuna without cooking?

    Yes. You can eat canned tuna raw, as during the canning process tuna is cooked enough so as to be edible straight out of the tin.

    Why is canned tuna pink?

    Bright red or pink tuna means it has been gassed. In its natural state, fresh tuna is dark red, almost maroon, sometimes even chocolatey looking. Don’t worry, you most likely will have no ill effects from eating gassed tuna, according to the FDA.

    Is tuna white or red meat?

    n some cases, fish muscle is also generally referred to as “white” meat, but this is an oversimplification. “White” fish is white both before and after cooking, whereas fattier fish (e.g., salmon and tuna) are red before cooking and turn either white (tuna) or remain pink (salmon) after cooking

    What’s healthier eggs or tuna?

    Tuna is higher in Vitamin B12, Vitamin A RAE, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin B1, however Egg is richer in Copper, and Vitamin B2. Tuna’s daily need coverage for Vitamin B12 is 407% more. Egg contains 165 times less Vitamin B3 than Tuna.

    Which is healthier chicken or tuna?

    Surprisingly, lean chicken breast is somewhat high in cholesterol. It has more than twice as much per serving as any water-packed variety of Chicken of the Sea tuna: Boneless skinless chicken breast, cooked: 131 mg cholesterol.

    Is tuna healthier than salmon?

    While they’re both highly nutritious, salmon comes out ahead due to its healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin D. Meanwhile, tuna is the winner if you’re instead looking for more protein and fewer calories per serving.

    Can dogs eat tuna?

    Many dog foods contain fish because it is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. But can dogs eat tuna? The answer is no. You shouldn’t feed your canine companion the saltwater fish because it could lead to a number of different health problems.

    Does tuna taste like steak?

    Tuna steak is a great alternative to beef steaks (especially when you binge on beef like I do). It’s a light, tasty meat that melts in your mouth and it’s fishy only in the sense that it tastes an awful lot like beef.

    Can you microwave tuna?

    Microwave – If you have a microwave, you can easily warm your tuna in the microwave. This is actually the recommended warming method unless you are adding your tuna to a warm dish that requires baking or cooking with the tuna in the dish.

    Why is tuna so fishy?

    Manufacturers know this, so canned tuna is precooked whole before it is processed. And then it is cleaned, separated and cooked again once inside the can. This process is necessary to kill bacteria, but it also sometimes causes the creation of a histamine that can give the canned tuna that “fishy” smell.

    Why is canned tuna cooked twice?

    This is part of the canning process and helps to preserve the tuna. With the addition of vacuum sealing, canned tuna has a shelf life of up to 4 years. For tuna that is not cooked before it is canned, salt is added to the frozen chopped tuna to maintain its quality. It is then vacuum sealed and sterilized.

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