egg snack recipe


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Several times make egg snack when you have the time. It will definitely taste really good because there is a lot of shredded beef. But for some people, making egg snack sometimes fails because it leaks.
Well, this time the tips are anti-collapse and broken.

The main ingredient :
200 gr stir-fried shredded beef, already seasoned
6 eggs
150 gr scallions


  1. Beat 4 eggs into a scrumble egg, try not to be too dry, it’s still a bit wet
  2. Then mix the stir-fried shredded beef, scrumble egg, scallions.
  3. Just add 2 beaten eggs. The total number of eggs used is 6 eggs.
  4. Stir well.
  5. Prepare the spring roll skin on a plate, place the filling and fold it.
  6. Then fried, may be in a bit more oil.
  7. So, 10 anti-collapsed egg snack. ok…
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