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I currently live in Comal, one of the sub-districts in Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

Comal has a typical market snack, namely Apem. These signature snacks are not actually made or come from Comal itself. What makes apem even more people are Kesesi, Pekalongan Regency. It is said that in the past, Kesesi did not have a market to market Apem. Comal area that has a market, Kesesi to the north is approximately 10 kilometers. Apem is sold in the Comal market until now and is known as Apem Comal.

common apem

The shape is not like apem from other areas which are menul-smelling, but flattened out like srabi. The taste is sweet and legit and you feel satisfied if you can clean it from the leaves

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