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Bolen bananas… who doesn’t know, a snack that many fans love because it tastes great, friends for tea and coffee in the morning or evening
I will share a recipe that I don’t know whose work this is, anyway this recipe is very fitting in my opinion, I am very grateful to the creator of this recipe wherever he is, I hope he is in this group, sorry for the time I saved this recipe for a very long time At that time, I didn’t use an Android cellphone, I still used an old school cellphone and I saved it in a notebook and I forgot to include the name of the maker of this recipe, once again a big thank you to the recipe maker, hopefully as a charity, he has shared the knowledge this is useful… amen

banana bolen

rebake : Mother Muzaroh

ingredient A:
150 grams of Flour (medium protein)
100 grams of Margarine

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ingredient B:
300 grams of Flour (high protein)
70 grams of Refined Sugar
120 grams Margarine
120 ml Water

filler :
~Steamed Bananas
~Grated Cheese
~Chocolate Meses
(or according to taste)

The method :

  1. ~ Stir ingredients A until smooth let stand 10 minutes
  2. ~ Stir ingredients B until smooth let stand 10 minutes
  3. ~ Divide the dough A and B into 24 parts and rounded.
  4. ~Take a ball of dough B and flatten it and fill it with a ball of dough A right in the middle of dough B. ~ Wrap dough A with dough B and roll it lengthwise and flatten again 3-4 times.
  5. ~ Fill the dough with the stuffing wrap with the dough until everything is tightly closed, you can’t see the stuffing, do it until all the dough runs out.
  6. ~ Brush the top with egg yolk.
  7. ~ Put it in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes (adjusted with each oven)

~good luck and hopefully useful~

~ the stuffing with cheese tape is delicious, you know…
~ Fold it flat, meaning it is rolled using a rolling pin or you can use a glass bottle.

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