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Because I’ve been monitoring this group quite often, looking for information from members’ posts here, now I want to try sharing my first experience traveling abroad.


Okay, here’s the story I really wanted to go to Japan when I was a student finally after starting my permanent job in 2016 started saving and looking for info, how to go abroad (no one in my circle has ever been abroad), so only with Google & YouTube, yes, the majority of the contents are recommended to use a travel agent, start looking at travel agents, their travel activities, prices etc., and thought about giving up, because it turned out to be quite expensive, what I saw the price was 25 million-35 million at that time, and the activities are very busy from really early in the morning and the route is arranged, where I’m the type of person who is lazy to do activities very early in the morning when I’m not working

from reading posts about horror hotel stories, what is a backpacker, tips for getting promos, tips for winter wear , how to make a passport, how to apply for a visa, etc., which really opened my mind.

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Start 2019 applying the knowledge starting from installing traveloka, tiketcom, agoda, klookthe first step is not stepping, because while lying on the bed.

Start with step 2, by trying to make a passport, until it finally finished, I put my passport in the cupboard, I looked again, put it back, looked at it again I was so happy, it turned out to be like this after all passport was not long after that, it was late at night, finished there is a project at work, dizzy, tired, but still reading this group, suddenly ting nung, notification of traveloka coming in, discounted flight tickets, in my heart “look at ah”, because I’m sleepy, tired, and tempted to see the price and facilities the one that was given, I subconsciously pressed Jakarta -Kix for March 4, 2020, somehow it was able to complete the contents of my personal data until I paid

In the morning I wake up, I usually check my work email, and I immediately mumble “What did I do last night, really bought a ticket” I want to cancel but there is a whisper in my brain “this is God’s way”
finally gasss, starting that day, I wrote an itinerary (I just found out the term itinerary from this group to be honest) and compile it using the notes that I usually use to do work, and more and more often it’s not a group

After 2-3 months of planning an itinerary, I started to make the first post in this group, with the ticket date I forgot, when did you leave and finally got input regarding the JR Pass according to my itinerary, etc.
Long story short, I entered 2020, where I had prepared everything, the itinerary was ready, savings, etc., and I started to get restless because the news of the pandemic started to spread, I was confused about rescheduling, chat traveloka, apparently I couldn’t reschedule because I was about to enter the month (I don’t understand this), until March 3, I was busy working, my friend said “TWO POSITIVE PEOPLE ARE IN DEPOK COVID”

PANIC immediately chatted asking for traveloka solutions related to this pandemic, until finally there was no flight cancellation, so I didn’t want the flight to be continued, I was dizzy at night what tomorrow, etc. I finally made up my mind, I had to take care of my health and health while there, and try to be calm.
FINALLY I enjoyed the trip as much as it was deliciously delicious

And when I arrived in Jakarta, I was obliged to report to the hospital, do a mouth check first, not nose, Alhamdulillah, I’m healthy and negative, then report to the Sulianti Saroso post if I finished traveling abroad. ️

That’s all from me, sorry if it’s long, why am I just telling the story now? because during the pandemic I didn’t feel comfortable sharing walks, moreover the transmission of covid was getting higher, right, so I focused on health and work at that time.

Thanks a lot to all members who like to post their itinerary and experiences.
this is my itinerary which has finally been realized, I’ll just take a screenshot, so it doesn’t get longer

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