what is cosplay? there is a real cosplayer in animal world


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what is cosplay

cosplay is an English term made in Japan (wasei-eigo) which comes from the combination of the words “costume” (costume) and “play” (play). Cosplay means the hobby of wearing clothes along with accessories and make-up like those worn by characters in anime, manga, fairy tales, video games, idol singers and musicians, and cartoons. Costume players are called costume players/cosplayers. Among fans, cosplayers are also abbreviated as coser


Seeing this picture, maybe your friends will immediately think that this snake is a cobra. Yes, it is true that this is a cobra, but to be more precise, it is a fake cobra, not a real cobra. In this post, I will review the fake cobra.

False cobra or in its scientific name is Pseudoxenodon inornatus. Although this snake looks almost like a cobra, it is not included in the elapidae family. But this snake belongs to the Colubridae family. This snake has physical characteristics with varied colors, some are bright red-brown, some are dark, and have patterns. for a maximum length of approximately 50-60 cm. By having an arrow-shaped pattern on his neck.

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This snake’s habitat itself can be found in mountainous highland forests with an altitude of 1,280 mdpl to 1,520 mdpl. This snake usually hunts prey such as frogs and lizards.

There is something unique about this snake, although it looks like a cobra, but this snake is not a venomous snake and its bite is not lethal to humans. So don’t be afraid or worried when you meet this snake. The difference between this snake and the original cobra is that it can be seen from the way it develops its hood. Usually real cobras are hooded more firmly and more aggressively than fake cobras.
In addition, this snake usually has a hood that continues to expand even though it is in a crawling position and is not being threatened.

For distribution, this snake is an animal that can only be found on the island of Java. Precisely on Mount Gede Pangrango in West Java. however, this snake can also be found on Mount Slamet, Central Java.

For this snake population, the IUCN has a Least Concern status which means a low risk of extinction. And this snake is not included in the list of protected animals by the government.

Even so, this snake is one of the snakes that is difficult to find, because maybe its habitat is in a place that is difficult and far from being touched by humans. Even in the world of reptiles, this snake is limited stock and rare.

That is, the review in today’s post about fake cobras, hopefully it will be useful and can add insight. what is cosplay and real cosplayer in real animal world

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