Wearing Hair Rolls in Bangs and Beauty Standards in Korea


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Throughout the history of human civilization, hair has always important position. This important position is directly related to the natural function of hair which includes as a protector for the head, as a warmer, as a crown for women and as a social sign on some nations, as a professional identity and add beauty. along with the development of civilization and when humans are more aware of how important appearance is as a support for success, then one by one the natural function of hair is starting to be shifted by its main function now, namely as a support appearance.

Various ways are done to make the appearance of the hair to be interesting like changing curly hair to straight (rebonding), cut hair according to trends, color hair and turning straight hair into waves (curling). Curling can basically be distinguished in basic curls and
design curls, in design curls the purpose of making curls is to support the creation of a predetermined arrangement design. Hair curling
is the act of changing straight hair into curls or curls In the process there are things and procedures that must be considered in order to
avoid failures in curling hair, such as comparison of hair thickness, hair membrane porosity, processing time accuracy, curling solution strength, general temperature or processing temperature and etc.

K-Pop effect

K-drama lovers must be familiar with hair rollers that are often used in bangs by several actresses. Usually, this hair accessory is used in K-drama to support relaxing scenes such as watching movies or playing gadgets in bed. However, over time, it seems that the use of hair rollers in these bangs has turned into a hairstyle trend that is loved by young people in Korea, especially among generation Z.

More than just a trend, the look of hair rollers also shows a changing attitude about beauty and a subtle resistance to pressure to always look perfect when appearing in public.

Opinions signal a change in the way women react to pressure to look beautiful in a country where looks are so important. Koreans scoring physical qualities such as facial appearance and youthfulness as more important in making women beautiful. It is compared to other attributes such as kindness or intelligence in the context of beauty. They want to look beautiful for the people they care about.

In recent years, there has also been a movement among some women in Korea against traditional beauty norms or conforming to the burgeoning feminist movement. They do it as a way to express themselves in a conservative country.

Last year, women also shared photos of themselves sporting short haircuts, after Korean darts athlete An San was met with criticism for wearing short haircuts at the Summer Olympics.

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