Soto tofu near me


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We make an impromptu breakfast for our taste with cheap materials
Another lazy edition that smells of seafood and fish.
Please add the ingredients if you want more portions

2 pieces of white tofu.
1 hard boiled egg.
50 g sliced ​​cabbage
2 stalks celery slices
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1 tsp broth powder
30 ml of clean water / adjusted

Ground spices
3 cloves of red onion
1 clove of garlic

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Fried tofu half cooked. Remove diced
Saute ground spices until fragrant. Pouring water
Add cabbage, salt and fried tofu. Cook until done.
Add pepper powder and powdered broth
Stir well ‘
Taste correction.

Serving method
Take the container:
Pour the soup in a state
Heat the boiled eggs.
Sprinkle with celery leaves Fried onions
Sambel, soy sauce if you like
good luck

Soto tofu near me - greaTRecipeS
Soto tofu near me - soup recipe

We make an impromptu breakfast for our taste with cheap materials. Soto tofu near me

Cooking Time: 15

Recipe Ingredients:

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