snack for this day recipe – risoles mayo


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Let’s make a snack
Surely this one snack many people like
It’s delicious, delicious and melts in the mouth
contemporary snack Risoles Mayo

leather ingredient:
50 gr flour (5 HR)
30 gr tapioca flour (3 tbsp)
1 liter of water
1 egg
1/8 tsp fine salt
1 tbsp cooking oil

Filling ingredient:
3 hard boiled eggs, I sliced ​​into 25 pieces
7 sausages, I sliced ​​into 25 pieces
Original mayonnaise
Spicy mayonnaise

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Adhesive ingredient:
100 gr flour
400 ml water
150 gr bread flour/panir

How to make snack for this day recipe – risoles mayo

  1. Mix all the ingredients
  2. Stir until well blended, then strain
  3. Prepare the teplon, grease it with a little oil or margarine
  4. Then pour 1 spoon of dough skin evenly, bake on low heat only
  5. To be even
  6. Continue until the skin dough runs out, set aside
  7. Take 1 sheet of risole skin, fill it with pieces of sausage, boiled egg, mayonnaise
  8. Fold and roll, do it until the skin and stuffing run out
  9. After that, mix 100 grams of flour with 400 ml of water. , Stir well
  10. Then put the risol into the wet flour
  11. Then roll it into the breadcrumbs, do it until the dough, Risol runs out
  12. Then fry the risoles until cooked, golden brown
  13. Lift then serve and enjoy
snack for this day recipe - risoles mayo - greaTRecipeS
snack for this day recipe - risoles mayo - snack recipe

Let's make a snackSurely this one snack many people likeIt's delicious, delicious and melts in the mouthcontemporary snack Risoles Mayo

Recipe Ingredients:

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