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Walt Disney World Resort

Let's try this post, exposing a brief overview of one of the most visited destinations in the world: Walt Disney World.

We all know that Disney is much more than a park. It is a brand, a large company that encompasses one of the largest ranges of media and family entertainment on the planet.

But the idea here is to talk about the complex and show how Disney made the world so you can choose what you want to visit, or why not visit everything.

To begin with, you know there are two Disney in the U.S.?

That's right, and the first one to be created, is in California, Anaheim.

It's called Disneyland Resort features two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure), three hotels and a complex of nightlife, the Downtown Disney ( ).

The other Disney, the most visited, that you find in brochures packages travel agencies, is Walt Disney World Resort.

Where is

He is in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando Metro, Florida, USA.

Getting There

Usually the flights arrive at Orlando International Airport ( ).

You can fly with TAM, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United, Copa Airlines, Continental, Aero Mexico and others.

TAM operates direct flights from Sao Paulo to Orlando.

The airport is 32 km away from the parks and if you buy a package at travel agencies, usually they will include in the package or a shuttle transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa.

If you stay in one of the Disney hotels, you can enjoy Disney's Magical Express.

This is a free service (bus) available to guests of Disney hotels that leads from the airport to the hotel as they charge to get your bags and take them directly to your room.

On output, the reverse process is also done for free.

Just beforehand, probably at the time of booking your hotel.


Here you will experience two very different situations.

One is the rainy season and high temperatures ranging from April until September. The thermometers may vary from 22 º C to 45 ° C.

But the flip side, ie, the time of cold and dry season extends from October to March temperatures range from 5 º C to 20 ° C, and it does not snow.

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