Oatmeal Cookies recipe


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Oatmeal cookies are just as delicious as the peanut/goodtime chocolate cake that was tasty yesterday
If you don’t like chocolate, you can try this cake

Oatmeal Cookies recipee


150g powdered sugar
200gr margarine/butter (you can mix too)
250gr flour (sifted)
150gr oatmeal
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg room temperature
100gr Chocochips / coarsely chopped almonds (optional) I use chocochips

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How to make Oatmeal Cookies

•? Beat / mixer powdered sugar, margarine / butter, vanilla essence, eggs until smooth and white on high speed
•? add flour and oatmeal. Stir until it can be picked up
•? prepare a greased baking sheet
•? mold / shape the dough then oven at 150°C

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