Banana cake Apem – Indonesian traditional recipe


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Usually I don’t like apem cakes, so I rarely even make them.
This banana apem cake was inspired by a snackbox, one of which is a banana apem cake. It tastes delicious, how come I like it. The banana fragrance is really tempting with a blend of yeast aroma.
Its light and soft texture makes this cake not bad to eat.
When there were Barangan bananas that were ripe at home, I immediately tried making banana apem cake. It turned out to be delicious and soft. My children also liked it. I made it again for the second time, it’s still delicious, so I’ve just shared the tutorial here, who knows it inspires friends too.

Banana Apem Cake
By gracefully sitinjak

Ingredient A:
50g rice flour
4gr yeast
50ml warm wate

Ingredient B:
150g sugar
50g all-purpose flour (medium protein)
50g tapioca
1 whole egg
100ml coconut milk (65ml instant coconut milk + 35ml water)
150g banana mashed with a fork
5 drops of yellow coloring
1/2 tsp Vanilla liqui

16 pcs putu cake molds with a diameter of 5cm greased with cooking oil.

How to make Banana cake Apam

  1. Put all ingredients A into a bowl. Stir well, then cover with a clean towel. resting for 30 minutes.
  2. 30 minutes later, open the dough and mix well. Put in all the B ingredients. Just mix well with a whisk. Make sure the sugar is all dissolved. Then cover with a clean towel. Rest 30 minutes or until the dough expands almost 2x as much, indicating the yeast is working well.
  3. 30 minutes later, open the dough then stir with a spatula. Pour into the mold until it is full which has been smeared with cooking oil. Steam for 20 minutes. The steamer pot has been preheated.
  4. Remove it from the mold, wait for it to cool and then pack it in a closed container. It lasts 3 days. Got 16 pcs.

Here I include a video version of the tutorial link, maybe it’s useful. Good luck

Banana cake Apem - Indonesian traditional recipe - greaTRecipeS

This banana apem cake was inspired by a snackbox It tastes delicious The banana fragrance is really tempting with a blend of yeast aroma.

Recipe Ingredients:

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