Apple Oat Cookies recipe


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Cookies for babies… No sugar and salt.. Sweetness from apples and raisins… Delicious…


100 gr mashed oats (I use instant oats)
70 gr flour
50 gr unsalted butter
250 cc of apple juice (1 apple blended with 250 cc of boiled water)
50 g (chopped raisins)

How to make Apple Oat Cookies

mix all ingredients except raisins stir until it becomes a molded dough with a cookie cutter and put raisins on top then bake for 15 minutes..
I seemed to have given too much apple juice, so it was mushy..
Then I just don’t spoon it on the pan. I also finely chop the raisins, mix with the dough, so the raisins are evenly distributed…

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