Why Americans are confused about air quality on Trump’s trip

People living in and around New Jersey are increasingly concerned about air pollution in their city, and their government is trying to figure out what to do about it.

The state’s chief air pollution control officer issued a new advisory Tuesday that said residents should stay indoors if they can.

That’s because the governor has been making a habit of making trips to the state, and the new advisories were designed to help ease people’s concerns.

A lot of people are having their kids at home because they don’t want to be outside at night, said Dr. David J. Smith, a Rutgers University health professor.

The state has no air quality standards, so the advice isn’t meant to be a blanket, Smith said.

But for residents of Hoboken, N.J., that’s what the new advice says: Stay indoors if you can.

If you’re worried about air emissions, Smith suggested, you could contact your local air quality agency.

Smith said the state’s new advisory isn’t going to help everyone.

“This is a state-wide approach, and it’s going to be tailored to each individual community,” he said.

“It’s not going to do for every community.”

“It’s really just a recommendation to folks to keep indoors and not to do anything outside,” he added.

People are still being advised to take steps to limit the amount of time they spend outside, including wearing face masks, staying in parks and at home.

The advice is not meant to discourage people from taking these precautions, said Beth Karpowicz, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the American Lung Association.

She said people should consider other measures that could help limit pollution.

For instance, the group recommends people stay in their homes, wear a face mask when outside, and wear a hat and face shield at all times when outdoors.

Karpowskis organization recommends residents use a vapor filtration system when outside and not in the home, and they should use a filter bag to filter their air when outdoors and indoors.

We’re still waiting for the New York City administration to get back to us and we’re going to continue to see how they respond,” Karpowksi said.

The Trump administration is trying its best to get everyone on the same page, Karpowitz said.

But that may take time.

New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday that the city’s air quality has improved since the beginning of this month.

It was at its worst on Nov. 23 when air pollution levels were at record highs.

Since then, the city has been trying to get people indoors, and city officials said it’s getting better.

But they said the situation will not improve until there is a national level air quality standard.

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