Brexit travel advisory: Where you can book a room on AirBNB

London, UK—It’s not always easy to book a hotel room in the capital of the UK.

The London Travel Authority (LTA) says the number of people needing help getting around the capital is growing.

The LTA has issued a travel advisory warning people are now more likely to use public transport than private buses, public trolleys, public trains and buses, and taxis.

Travel is not the only problem, though, according to the LTA.

It warns people should use public toilets.

It also recommends using the toilets at a safe distance.

London has a strict dress code for its city residents.

The dress code prohibits women from wearing shorts, pants or shorts short sleeves, shirts, shirts and shorts, and skirts of no more than 2.5 centimeters.LTA says the dress code is “more inclusive than most countries in Europe” and that “in line with other European countries, there are a few exceptions” to the dress codes.

Lights, cameras and securityAt least a third of the city’s public transport services use CCTV cameras, according the LSA.

The LTA says Londoners are more likely than other cities to use private trolley services, which can be difficult to spot and may also require you to carry your smartphone.

Some businesses have introduced their own security systems, the LBA says, and “do not appear to be as robust as in other cities.”

In general, Londoners prefer to stay in public transport, the travel advisory says.

But it also says the LLA recommends people avoid using public transport if they are not comfortable in public.

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