When is SolarWinds Security Advisory Voting?

SolarWind-1 has confirmed that the solar energy installation security advisory voting period is now over.

The advisory vote was scheduled to end at the end of the week, with the final decision taken by the advisory committee on Wednesday.

After a series of votes, SolarWind was set to vote on the final recommendation on Thursday.

However, it has now been extended until the end at 5pm BST on March 18, at which point the panel will vote again.

SolarWinds has confirmed on its blog that the advisory vote will end at 4pm BST at the conclusion of the voting period.

At this stage, the panel has voted to make no further decisions and to wait for a decision from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

SolarWind’s announcement came as the Department announced the launch of the new SolarWind Security Advisory Board, which will have the authority to recommend changes to the advisory system.

Solarwind has been in discussions with the Department since February.

On Wednesday, the department announced that SolarWind’s Advisory Board had made more than 5,500 recommendations on the security of its installations.

During the consultation period, the advisory board had been working on issues including, but not limited to, the following: A requirement to ensure that any solar power project is not vulnerable to attack; An advisory panel to ensure the security and protection of SolarWind installations, and the environment; The installation security of the UK’s solar energy system; How to best address issues of data security.

It also made recommendations on how to better protect customers. 

In a blog post published by the department on Thursday, Solarwind said it was “committed to continuing to improve the security measures that protect our customers and the UK from the risk of a malicious attack”.

In the lead up to the vote, SolarWhiskey raised questions about the timing of the advisory voting.

As a result of the decision to extend the advisory period until the election date, Solar Whiskey is asking customers to be on the lookout for SolarWind on the company’s SolarWhisky website.

We urge customers to vote for SolarWhisk on its SolarWhismys website and then to follow the advice of the SolarWhistle advisory committee.

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