When Indonesia’s Travel Advisories Sign Up Kids and Parents

Parents in Indonesia are starting to realize the risk of travel advisories and travel advisory signs is rising.

A number of travel advisory signs have started appearing in Jakarta’s markets and businesses.

The signs have been around for some time, but they’re getting more widespread.

Indonesia’s Travel Advisory sign.

(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)In Indonesia, travel advisors are warnings issued by the government to allow travelers to leave the country.

Parents can sign up for a travel advisory through the country’s public transportation system or by using the website.

The government will also issue an advisory when the signer’s child turns 5.

The government does not have any information on how many Indonesians have signed up for travel advisores.

The Indonesian Travel Advisory Sign has also become a symbol for parents to help their kids understand travel advisoring rules and travel policies.

Indias travel advisory.

(A sign is pictured)An advisory is issued by Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation (KPK) when a parent is traveling with a child under 18 years old.

It advises the parent not to travel with their child or allow them to leave Indonesia.

Indian parents signing up for the advisory.

The sign is displayed on a wall.

(The sign pictured above is a sign from the Ministry of Education.)

(Photo by: Twitter/@JosiahSibul)Indonesian parents with their children signing up to travel advisory sign.

The signs can be seen in restaurants and other establishments in Jakarta.

The travel advisory system in Indonesia was introduced in May 2015.

Indonesia’s government said in 2016 that it was “working towards the implementation of a nationwide system of travel warning signs.”

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