Water Advisory Sign at School: Children should not drink or swim until they are 8 months old

A sign that warns of “water advisory signs” at public schools in Tennessee has caused widespread controversy and prompted criticism from the state’s water safety agency.

The sign was installed in front of a school in the town of West Tennessee, which is about 30 miles west of Nashville.

But some parents say the sign is unnecessary and the state should provide better guidelines to keep children safe. 

A group of parents led by a mother, Kayla, called for the sign to be taken down and a public meeting held Monday night to discuss the issue. 

“The state is in dire need of a better water safety strategy,” said Kayla Gail Johnson, a parent and educator who said she has concerns about the sign’s placement in the community.

“If they’re not going to be able to get kids to drink and swim, then it’s a waste of resources.” 

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality has been reviewing the sign and has issued a public comment period.

State officials have said they would like to see the sign removed. 

Kayla said she will be attending the public meeting and said she wants to hear what state officials have to say about the issue, including if the signs should be removed or replaced. 

She said that, for her, it’s not a “no-brainer” that she should have to wait until her 8-month-old son reaches age 8 to drink water. 

But the state said it is not currently reviewing the issue because of the public comment. 

The department said that it has been consulting with health experts about the placement of the signs and is considering removing the signs. 

More than 200 people attended the public hearing and nearly 70 percent of the audience spoke in favor of removing the sign. 

Many parents and other parents who spoke said the sign was unnecessary and unnecessary for a school.

“I just think that’s just another sign that they’re just trying to get rid of water,” said one woman who was in attendance.

“It’s not like we’re being asked to give up our water.

We have to drink it.

We just need to drink a little bit more water,” added another. 

Some parents are also worried that the sign might make it harder for children to learn about safety. 

While the signs are not required, Johnson said, she believes they would be a good addition to the signs at schools.

“The sign is just a warning, it does not mean that kids can’t drink or they’re going to get sick,” Johnson said. 

At the meeting, Johnson also said the state shouldn’t provide any additional guidelines for schools to follow, including what schools should do to prevent waterborne illness. 

Parents who attended Monday’s public hearing have also called on the state to issue a public health advisory for schools, which would include recommendations on how to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses. 

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