The next big wave of cyberattacks coming to Virginia?

The next wave of attacks coming to the United States is expected to hit Virginia soon, with the most significant being a cyberattack that will target transportation and communications.

The FBI said it’s working with state and local agencies to help identify a cyberthreat and provide training and support to the public and private sector.

The agency also said it has been working with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to identify a potential vulnerability in the Virginia system.

Virginia Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service are also working to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Virginia Gov.

Terry McAuliffe said Monday that a potential cyberattack is on the way.

He said it will affect the transportation system, the Virginia Capitol, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the federal government.


McAuliffe said in a statement the state has taken several steps to protect against the cyberthreat.

We have launched an extensive security and response plan to protect the public, businesses and critical infrastructure.

We also have implemented an immediate emergency declaration that will enable the state to quickly respond to the attack and address its impacts.

We will work with the private sector to protect their critical infrastructure, which will include the state’s infrastructure.

We also have an emergency declaration to respond to potential cybersecurity threats, including the potential for a possible breach of the Virginia Commonwealth University network.

The Virginia Department is offering $10,000 in grants for businesses and organizations to improve their security posture and respond to threats, which include ransomware and phishing.

The department will provide $10 million for the Virginia Emergency Response Team and $500,000 for the Virginian Emergency Response Network.

The governor also announced that the Virginia Cyber Emergency Response Coordination Center will be created to coordinate Virginia’s response to a cyberevent.

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