How to protect yourself against online scams

In the wake of the Great Canadian Recession, some businesses have taken measures to combat online scams.

Here’s how to keep your business and yourself safe.


Check your website regularly, especially when it comes to scams.

A good rule of thumb is to check your website daily to make sure you don’t receive a spam email.2.

Check out the scams you might be part of.

It’s possible that you may have seen someone sending you an email saying that they have your name, email, phone number, and other personal information.

If you have no idea who they are, call your local police.

If that doesn’t work, check with your local businesses or go to a webinar where you can learn more about what scams are going on.3.

Check with your employer.

Some businesses may have their own policies on when and where they will notify employees of scams.

If a scam is occurring on your behalf, contact your employer or local authorities.4.

Make sure you have a secure connection to the internet.

If your website isn’t secure, it may be possible that your personal information has been compromised and you may not have been notified of it.5.

Use a secure email account.

It may be necessary for you to use a different email address, such as a public one, to contact others.

If it’s not possible to use your private email address to contact people, use a public email address such as Gmail or Yahoo.

If using your own email address is difficult, you can also create an anonymous email address.6.

Change your password.

Your email address may be one of the passwords that you use to log into your company.

You can change your password at any time, even if it’s a short period of time.

This could include using your password reset tool to change it, or you can reset your password with your password manager.7.

If possible, do not share your personal details with anyone.

Your personal details are valuable and can be used by fraudsters to steal information.

Do not share this information with anyone else.8.

Follow up with your business.

If the scammer has contacted you to say they have information about you or your business, give them a call and make sure that they are not impersonating you.

If they still haven’t replied, contact the company directly and make the issue known.

If this doesn’t help, call a police or other government agency to report the scam.9.

Check the privacy settings on your company’s website.

Some websites allow you to set the privacy setting for your company to protect your information.

Some sites require you to provide a password or to allow people to view your personal data without you knowing it.

If these settings are set to private, you may be unable to log in to your company or contact others if your personal info has been stolen.10.

Contact your local law enforcement authorities.

If someone has contacted your company and has threatened to harm you, contact police and ask for a warrant to search your office or office property.

If necessary, get legal advice.

If all else fails, you should call your business to inform them of the scam and to give them your personal contact information.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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