The hottest month yet: How Australia’s heatwave is affecting Australians

The hottest January in Australia since the Great Australian Heatwave of 1996 has left many Australians feeling like it is about to hit again.

More than 40,000 have died from heat-related illnesses, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This is the hottest month since the 1996 Great Australian Hotwave, which caused widespread bushfires.

It is also the hottest on record, according the National Weather Service.

This week’s record high temperatures are due to the super-hot summer of 2016, which has brought about a rise in CO2 levels across the world, including Australia.

The Australian Bureau on Tuesday announced that February was the second-hottest month on record and the hottest since 1895.

The temperature anomalies have risen by up to 12.5C (50.7F) in the past five days, according a report by the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

“The new record high in Canberra is in direct relation to the hottest January ever recorded,” Dr Stephen Brown, a climate scientist at the University of New South Wales, said.

“This week’s high temperature is the highest ever recorded in Canberra.”

The state of South Australia has also seen the biggest jump in the number of deaths.

The number of heat-associated deaths has risen by 24.5 per cent since January, according National Disaster and Emergency Management Authority data.

The ACT is also seeing the biggest increase in deaths, with more than 500 people dying.

There are also concerns that the heatwave could result in more bushfires and more bushfire activity across the country.

The National Weather Office says a large wildfire is expected across Queensland this week, and the number could rise by up in the coming days.

There have been two major bushfires in Queensland in the last month.

One fire burned through about 1,000 hectares (3,000 acres) in Redlands on Saturday and the other burned through more than 1,300 hectares (4,000 square kilometres) in Sunshine Coast on Sunday.

The Sunshine Coast fire has burned more than 6,500 hectares (19,500 square kilometres).

On Tuesday, there was another large wildfire in the Sunshine Coast area, with the fire burning about 2,300 ha (7,000 sq km).

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has warned that it may be a “catastrophic event” if it continues to burn.

It says the fire is still burning, but it is expected to be contained in a “few hours”.

This fire is believed to be one of the largest in Australia and is currently burning through about 6,000 ha (19

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