Schellingen’s Travel Warning: Travel Restrictions In Germany, France, And Turkey

Schellingenhayn’s Travel Advisory, issued by the German-based airline, advises customers to take extra precautions when travelling abroad in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Turkey.

In Germany it says people with passports from Schengen countries such as Germany, Belgium and Switzerland should not travel to Turkey, France or other Schengens countries. 

“There is a significant risk of an attack or a terrorist incident in Germany.

Therefore, it is important to follow the advice of your local authorities,” the advisory says. 

In Austria, it warns against visiting the border with Hungary. 

‘There is no safe zone’ Schengenhayn says the warning applies to travellers in France, Belgium or Switzerland, but not to Turkey or France or Switzerland.

Schenger’s statement added that the travel advisory does not apply to people from the European Union member states.

“There are no safe zones in Germany,” the airline’s spokesperson said.

“We have advised all our customers in Germany to follow Schengenzauer rules.” 

The airline’s spokesman also said that travellers from Scheveningen, Germany, should not consider going to Turkey.

“The Turkish Government has warned that the safety of the Turkish citizens travelling to Turkey is of utmost importance,” he said. 

There are still some Schenges countries with no travel restrictions, the airline said, adding that travellers are advised to use caution and keep an eye on their local authorities.

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