INDIANAPOLIS: Snowfall totals up to 11 inches in some areas and possible up to 6 inches in others

Snowfall total for Sunday in Indiana and parts of southern Illinois, as well as portions of northern Missouri, is expected to top 10 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

The weather service says snow is possible through Tuesday in parts of western Kentucky, eastern Ohio, western Indiana, northern Illinois and western Pennsylvania. 

According to the weather service, the cold front will move in Sunday through Tuesday through western Kentucky and western Ohio.

In western Indiana the cold fronts will move into the state Sunday into Tuesday. 

“We’ll see the snow,” said Tom McAllister, meteorologist with the National Forecaster Office.

“The cold front is very active at the moment and we’re going to see that as we move into Monday.” 

“It’s going to get really bad as it comes out of the cold air and get into the ground,” he added. 

In eastern Kentucky, McAllisters forecast a wind chill of -5C with a low of -12C.

That will be a bit chilly for the southern part of the state, which is currently in a frosty weather pattern.

McAllison said it’s not expected to get very cold in parts in the region until Tuesday.

In eastern Pennsylvania, temperatures could dip below freezing Monday.

In the northern part of Pennsylvania, snow totals could reach 5 to 6 inch.

In southern Indiana, McAnulty said there is no chance of snow in most areas until Tuesday morning. 

McAnulty says the weather will stay in the 40s through Wednesday morning.

The forecast for Tuesday also has a chance of getting colder as the cold warms up. 

The cold fronts have moved into western Kentucky early Sunday and are expected to move in to the state early Tuesday.

McAnsulty said it could be difficult to see any snowfall in southern Indiana until Tuesday evening.

In northern Indiana, temperatures are expected in the low 30s to 35 degrees Monday night, McManus said. 

On Monday morning, the National Guards snowmobile squad will be stationed at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 

Indianapolis, the state capital, is hosting a holiday party from 5 p.m. to 9 on Sunday, and it will be open to the public. 

Sunday, Nov. 10:Snow totals to be up to 10 inches in many areas of Indiana and northern Illinois, according the weather agency. 

Monday, Nov 12: A cold front may be moving in from the west through the Midwest through Monday. 

Tuesday, Nov 13: The weather service warns that it could get colder in some parts of northern Indiana through Tuesday night. 

Wednesday, Nov 14: Temperatures could dip to -15C with wind chill. 

Thursday, Nov 15: Snow totals could be up more than 10 inches.

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