Border between Mexico and the US to remain open for a second day

The border between Mexico, the United States and Canada will remain open, with Mexico saying it is “absolutely open” for tourists to travel to the US despite the ongoing closure of the border.

Speaking to the AP news agency on Tuesday, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said his country had agreed with the US on the “very clear” principle that “border restrictions should be lifted” on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Our border is closed, but the border is open for everyone.

We hope that this will be an occasion for us to meet again, and we will meet again,” he said.”

I want to assure you, the border will remain closed for at least two days.

This will be a very important moment in the process of a successful solution.

Mexico and America have reached an agreement.”

Pena Nieto said the border had been closed for several days due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,300 people across Mexico and nearly 900 in the US.

He said Mexico would be opening its border again later on Wednesday.

He said it was too early to tell whether the country would reopen after that.

But the statement was in stark contrast to statements made by the US State Department, which last week said it had reopened the southern border for international travellers, but not the northern section, due to concerns about the coronapirus outbreak.

Mexico’s interior minister, Jorge Castillo, told reporters that Mexico was “open for international travelers” in the southern section of the southern US border.

Pena Nuevo Herald reported that US authorities had placed a ban on the use of electronic devices in the country for several hours at the beginning of the lockdown.

The US Customs and Border Protection has also shut down most border crossing points in the United Kingdom, including at Calais and Dover.

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