When will the Trump travel ban be enforced?

The Trump administration on Thursday issued an updated travel advisory for the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, as well as for the US territory of Hawaii.

The White House said it will require travelers to review their plans to visit the islands or Guam as they begin their journeys.

Travelers to the U and Virgin Islands can still enter the U as usual.

The order also will allow citizens of the US and its territories to stay in the U, and people from countries with high crime rates, including Syria and Iran, to stay.

The executive order states that all citizens of those nations can continue to visit their home countries and “participate in the democratic processes of their home nations.”

The travel ban also does not apply to the spouses and children of US citizens or citizens of other countries who are lawfully admitted to the United States.

The US Virgin Islands are home to more than 3 million residents, according to the US Census Bureau.

Trump, the first major-party presidential candidate to enter office without a formal campaign in the United State, has said he wants to ban Muslims from entering the United Kingdom and has said a ban on Muslim travel is needed to stop terrorism.

The UK’s Home Secretary said Thursday that the new travel ban does not target the Muslim community.

“The Home Secretary’s view is that the current ban is in line with the UK’s own national security, and is not targeted at Muslims in any way,” a Home Office spokesperson told Reuters.

“We want to make sure that we have all the resources and the ability to keep people safe.”

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