Spay and Neuter Guide, New York City, NY

Spay & Neuter is a national organization that works to protect pets from unwanted and dangerous veterinary care.

They work to make sure pets can be neutered in all parts of the United States.

They’re also the source for the official pet health guide from the American Pet Products Association.

The guide covers everything from vaccinations to neutering procedures, and includes links to helpful resources.

They’ve been working with pet owners for years and have been instrumental in getting more pets spayed, neutered and vaccinated.

However, a group of people has taken their efforts to the next level, and they’re now asking for donations to help them cover their costs.

The organization has raised $6,700 through a GoFundMe campaign, which is meant to cover their operations, rent, and equipment costs, but they’re also asking for a few hundred bucks to cover travel expenses, as well as their own travel expenses.

This is because the organization has been trying to get a new dog neutered, and after getting several positive results, the new dog has been living with the group for the past two weeks.

The group is hoping to raise enough money to have the dog spayed or neutered before traveling, but that has been a big ask for them, so they’re hoping the community will help.

“We’re hoping to reach out to a small group of friends who are pet owners to help us with the costs of our travel expenses,” the group wrote on the GoFundme page.

“As soon as we have enough money, we’ll take this project forward to a larger group of donors.”

This is not the first time the group has taken on an urgent issue.

In November, they started a crowdfunding campaign to get the word out about their work and to pay for travel to help with the expense of having a dog neutering, as they had to do at their previous location.

The campaign ended up raising $7,500 in just under two months, but now they’re taking it a step further, with the aim of raising $8,000 by January to pay the costs involved in getting their dog neuters.

“Our first goal was to raise $7k to pay our bills and to travel, so we were able to make it through two weeks without a break,” the team wrote on their page.

The team wrote that they’re looking to raise at least $10,000 to cover the expenses of the trip, which includes renting a car, bus, and airfare to and from their home state of New York, and even buying a car.

They added that if they’re able to get $10k or more, they’ll be able to pay rent, gas, and food, as the dogs will be on a budget.

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