How to watch out for travel advisories in the US

This article first appeared on Australian Financial Report.

The Australian Financial Reporting Standards Council has issued a travel advisory for Australia.

The guidelines state that if you are travelling to the US for business or leisure purposes, it is important that you carry your passport with you at all times, especially if you plan to return to the United States later that day.

You should also avoid travelling to or through Mexico or Canada, or South America, which are also affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It says you should plan to visit the affected areas if possible.

The travel advisory is issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in cooperation with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The travel advice comes after the Federal Government asked for advice on how to prepare for an impending federal government shutdown, which will last until November 30.

Federal Government is working to reopen the US government, but it is unclear if it will reopen until after the federal election.

The Federal Government has set a deadline of November 6 for the shutdown to be resolved, but there is uncertainty about when the shutdown will actually end.

In a statement on Friday, the Federal Emergency Operations Center (FECOM) said it would work with states and local governments to “provide additional support and resources to states and communities affected by Harvey”.

Federal Government officials said the Federal Budget would be released on October 31, with a timeline for the recovery.

In the US, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the National Disaster Relief Assistance Fund (NDRAFF) are in place for people who lose their homes or businesses due to flooding.

The NDFIP covers people whose homes are damaged, while NDRAFF covers people who are left without power.

The NDRAF provides support to those who are able to evacuate, and is available to people who live in FEMA’s flood-prone areas.

The US is experiencing widespread flooding that has caused widespread damage to property and infrastructure.

Some US states are currently experiencing widespread damage.

The National Weather Service has issued severe weather advisories for the Gulf Coast, Texas, Florida and Louisiana.

Flooding is also expected to hit other parts of the US as well as Mexico and Canada.

Flood warnings were issued in New Jersey, New York and Delaware for parts of New York, New Jersey and Delaware, and parts of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has issued several flood warnings in New York as well.

A storm surge advisory was issued in the Bronx, which was later extended to the New York River.

The storm surge warning in the city is currently being considered.

In Alabama, flood warnings have been issued for portions of the state.

A flood warning has been issued in Alabama for parts in parts of Birmingham, Montgomery, Tallahassee, Tuscaloosa, and Shelby.

Flooded roads are also expected in parts.

A severe thunderstorm watch has been in effect for the entire state of Texas.

A flash flood watch has also been issued across parts of Texas for parts to the west of Dallas.

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

In California, the Sierra Nevada mountains are forecast to be flooded, as are parts of Southern California, and the coast could see up to 15 inches of rain in parts over the weekend, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.

Floods are expected in the Sacramento area, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, San Diego and San Francisco.

Heavy rainfall is expected in southern and central California, as well in parts and in some cities in northern California.

Heavy rains are expected through Saturday.

Heavy flooding is expected to affect parts of Southwestern New Mexico and parts in southern Arizona and southern Nevada, with up to 2 inches of rainfall forecast in parts, according to the BOM.

Flood watches are in effect in parts throughout parts of southern California, including San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Riverside and Riverside counties.

Heavy precipitation is expected throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with the highest amounts likely to be in the San Bernardino area.

Flood waters are expected near downtown Los Angeles and the downtown area of the San Gabriel Valley.

Heavy snow is expected as well, with heavy accumulations in some parts.

Snow accumulations are also forecast throughout much of Southern Utah and parts south of Salt Lake City.

Heavy accumulations of snow and ice are possible in the Central Valley, especially along the Great Salt Lake.

Heavy winter snow and severe ice are expected from southern Arizona to the Great Basin in Utah.

The snow is also forecast to cover much of the lower 48 states.

Heavy winds are also possible in parts across northern California, but are expected primarily along the northern Sierra Nevada ranges.

Heavy ice is expected from the mountains to the north of Yosemite National Park, with snow accumulation in parts from Nevada to Arizona.

Winds are also likely to reach up to 60 kilometres per hour (25 mph) in parts along the coast.

There are also severe thunder

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