Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco S2-300-2-L1-1-10-7-E is a Remotely Managed Appliance with a High-Downtime Pre-Existing Condition (RCE)

A Cisco Security Alert (SA) issued on Wednesday warns that Cisco S3-400-1, the second version of Cisco S5-400s security appliances, have been found to be vulnerable to the RCE vulnerability.

The Cisco S-series security appliances are equipped with a self-contained virtual switch.

In the event of a fault on the switch, the virtual switch will be unable to control the appliance, allowing the attack to continue.

This is the same vulnerability as the one reported by the WannaCry ransomware that took control of the computer systems of the United Kingdom.

The RCE attack exploits a feature in Cisco’s VLAN Manager software, allowing attackers to access the network directly from the appliance.

The software has been in use for years, but the RFE is a significant security issue in this case.

Cisco released a patch last month, but it still doesn’t address the issue. 

“Cisco is working on an update to the VLAN manager software for S5s, which should fix the issue,” Cisco Security said in the alert.

“Cisco has also issued an advisory on the S5 software which should address the vulnerability, but we anticipate that this update will be out soon.”

Cisco did not provide any details on the vulnerability that was reported by WannaCrypt.

In a blog post last month , the company said that it “has made changes to address this vulnerability to allow more users to install Cisco SSS-100 appliances that do not contain a vulnerable version of VLANManager software.”

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