Spanish authorities to announce travel advisory for Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica

The Spanish Federal Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation has issued a travel advisory in Spanish for the regions of Puerto Vallarta, San Juan and Monterrey.

The region’s capital, Puerto Vallanta, is a city of about 30,000 people located about 2,000 kilometres (1,100 miles) north of Mexico’s capital of Mexico City.

The advisory includes a list of cities with a low risk of serious air pollution, such as Puerto Vallara.

According to the agency, the air quality in Puerto Valla is considered to be safe.

Residents are advised to stay indoors when the air is humid, clear and non-polluting.

The city’s air quality index is rated at 3.3.

It’s one of the highest in Mexico.

The average daily particulate matter (PM2.5) level in Puerto Valls is 0.4, the lowest in the country at 0.1.

In contrast, the average annual pollution is about 20 times the national average.

The warning comes after the city experienced the worst day of air pollution in its history, when the daily average PM2.4 pollution reached over 10,000, the highest level in the region.

As a result of this, the region has received the highest number of emergency calls in the state in recent months.

The Spanish ministry of health, environment and tourism has ordered a new investigation of the events surrounding the deaths of more than a dozen people in the city’s hospital in December.

The Ministry of Health, Environment and Tourism has ordered the establishment of an investigative committee to conduct an impartial investigation into the deaths.

In a statement, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Industry and Competitiveness (SMIC), the main body of the Spanish government, said that the incident and the subsequent emergency call system in Puerto Viejas are the result of a malfunctioning phone system and that the government has taken immediate steps to fix the system.

The SMIC has called for an audit of the call system to determine whether it can be used to communicate with hospitals and public health centres.

It said that it would also look into whether the call center could be connected to the telephone network.

The government has ordered that the call centre should be fully repaired.

The call centre is located in the San Fernando district of Puerto Viejo, about 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the capital city.

According a statement by the SMIC, the health department and the government have taken the measures necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors.

The ministry has also announced a call-in day on Wednesday.

Residents of Puerto Valla are advised not to travel to Puerto Vallas city, because the city is currently experiencing a severe and intense firestorm.

The fires have burnt over 200,000 hectares (7.7 million acres) and destroyed more than 1,100 structures.

The municipality has declared a state of emergency in Puerto Villas, which has been in the process of being declared by the government to help fight the fires.

Residents in Puerto Rico, including Puerto Vallás, are still suffering from the effects of the fires, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The number of fires has increased by about 500 per cent in the past week, and at least 200 people have died.

It is unclear how many homes have been destroyed in Puerto Villa, where a town called El Caminos has been burned to the ground.

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