New Wealth Advisory Group launches after death of former chief

A new wealth advisory group is launching in Singapore, with a focus on investing in the “next wave of tech entrepreneurs”.

The Wealth Advisory Panel (WAP) was created by the government of Singapore in 2018 to ensure that the country remains competitive in the global tech economy.

Its mission is to assist Singaporean tech companies and entrepreneurs in getting ready for the next wave of global tech investment.

It is now working to develop a roadmap for a range of different technologies that could be expected to play a major role in the tech ecosystem, including blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence-based products.

The WAP has already set up a website to provide a roadmap to help companies and governments assess the impact of various technology technologies, including artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks and AI.

The website is the latest move in a series of moves by the Singapore government to ensure Singapore’s place in the next global economy.

It has also been trying to create a cohesive, integrated strategy for the economy in light of the rise of the blockchain technology.

As well as providing financial advice, the WAP was also tasked with ensuring the safety and security of financial institutions in Singapore.

The WAP will be the first government body in the world to set up an advisory group to ensure the safety of financial institution investors and the public, with an annual budget of S$1.4 million ($1.27 million).

The Wap will also be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the country’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws, including the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATCA).

The WPA will be tasked with assisting in the implementation and enforcement of the Anti Money Laundering Act, which will also include its anti-terrorist legislation, as well as a range, of other anti-terror legislation.

In a statement, the Singapore Government said it welcomed the Wap’s involvement in the countrys efforts to create an inclusive and effective tech sector.

“We are proud to have the expertise of the WPA in creating a strategic plan for Singapore’s digital economy,” the government said.

Singapore was ranked at the 12th position in the 2017 World Bank’s Global Competitiveness Report, which ranks the most advanced countries on the global stage.

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