How to prepare for the high wind advisory: Take it slow

When the high winds roll in today, the U.S. could be experiencing a tornado warning.

If you have been following weather alerts on Twitter, you know that this is happening.

But just in case, we have created an easy guide for you to use when you are planning to spend the day on the road in the coming days.

Here are the basics of how to plan for the tornado warning:1.

Know where you’re headedWhen you get home, you’ll want to take a quick look at where you are headed and see if you can make it home safely.

The first thing to do is determine if you have the right kind of car.

You may want to consider buying a newer car with a high-mileage engine.

If so, look for an engine that offers more than 60 mpg.

If the vehicle has a high mileage, it could be a better choice.

Also, if you’re driving to a destination with high winds, it’s worth looking into a vehicle with an additional cargo area.2.

Make sure you’re prepared for the windThere are a few things you can do to prepare.

First, stay safe by staying out of the wind.

The National Weather Service recommends that people stay in carpool lanes and drive on the shoulder.

You can also use the public transportation system and leave your cell phone in your car.

If traveling alone, consider leaving your cell telephone in your vehicle.

The storm may be more severe at night, so stay out of your windows and doors during this time.3.

Know your surroundingsAs the high-wind warnings get more severe, you may want take extra steps to keep yourself safe.

You should be careful where you park your car, because some places are more susceptible to high winds.

Be aware that it could take some time for cars to be able to drive around the road and avoid high winds when you’re on the move.4.

Make plans for the stormIf you’ve been following the weather on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed that a number of people have been posting updates and information about the high weather.

If that is the case, it might be a good idea to check your Twitter or Instagram account for updates about the storm.

This could help you plan ahead and help you keep your car and yourself safe during the storm, which is likely to be more intense than what you’re used to.5.

Take extra precautionsIf you’re a professional photographer, you should be aware of what conditions are likely to occur in your area.

If it’s a large, heavily populated area, you will need to be prepared.

If not, take extra precautions to stay safe and avoid any potential harm to yourself or others.6.

Stay hydratedIf you are in an area that is likely prone to high temperatures, you could need to stay hydrated.

The best way to stay well hydrated is to wear a headlamp when you drive, and to keep your vehicle off the roadway.

You also might want to wear long sleeves, long pants, and long pants and long sleeves and pants.

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